Dog Fashion 2018: Dogs in Denim

People love wearing jeans. Look around any day when you are out and about and you are bound to see people wearing jeans. Heck, you yourself might be wearing jeans right now. Don’t look down! Up until just recently, dogs couldn’t wear jeans or denim to match their owner’s. But now, though, with the increase in availability of handmade dog collars, dogs do have that option. And not only that, you can also add a matching denim bow tie for your dog’s denim dog collar.

I’m writing this post,, not just to tell you that you can buy a denim dog collar, but more so to show you just how awesome dogs look in denim. Look at this guy.

This pup looks just great in that denim bow tie and matching denim dog collar. This particular denim bow tie dog collar is from LazyBonezz.