Do Indoor Cats Need to Wear Collars?

Simple answer: Yes!

Why Indoor Cats Need to Wear Cat Collars

When you keep your cat indoors, you may not think that your cat needs a cat collar. After all, your cat wouldn’t be outside at all. It’s healthier and safer for your cat to stay indoors. That’s the whole point of keeping your cat indoors. And some cats readily take to it and won’t even venture outside even if allowed. (My Maine Coon mix was like that. He loved living large inside the house and could care less about the outside.)

But, other cats will always be looking for a way to get outside even if for a second or a few minutes before getting noticed. (My Egyptian Mau mix would run outside every chance he got. He was bored inside.) Yes, I had two cats with two very different personalities. One was a stay-at-home lounge cat while the other was an adventurous nature loving cat. I could see that keeping him inside all the time was not doing him any good. So I decided to let him have supervised outdoor visits to the backyard. I also leash trained him so he could walk around the neighborhood with me. And I bought a pet stroller so my Maine Coon mix could also join us in our outdoor strolls.

To keep both my cats safe, I would have them wear collars, even when they were inside. I have a busy household, so sometimes one of the cats would get outside if a door was opened for just a second. By having them wear collars all the time, it kept them safe all the time too. If they got lost somehow, which was rare, my number was on the tag they wore on their collars. And because the collars were breakaway safety collars, I didn’t have to worry about them getting caught on anything. The collar would release if that happened so they would never choke.

So, in the end, it’s always safer for your cats to wear safety breakaway collars no matter if they are outdoor cats or indoor cats.